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Reidt Fitness Systems



1. Why do athletes need cross-specific training?


Athletes need to build strength in specific movement patterns that directly relate to the athlete's sport. Every sport has different demands required for success, being football strong doesn't translate into being baseball strong.

2) Is Reidt Fitness only for athletes ?


Reidt Fitness is for people of all ages and ability levels. We teach functional movement patterns that allow people to actively promote a healthy and active life-style and/or pursue and maintain a high level athletic career.

3) What age is appropriate for an athlete to start training ?


The earlier the better!! Every athlete needs to learn how to move efficiently to avoid injury.  From ages 7-13 an athlete’s body is most receptive to learning new movement patterns. All athletes at Reidt Fitness Systems learn to become efficient in proper human movement before progressions happen.

4) What makes us different ?


It is our belief that all athletes are not created equal. Unlike most training facilities we do not implement a cookie-cutter approach. Every person and athlete has different goals and needs and will be trained based off those needs.

5) How do I get started ?


Contact Josh Reidt (949-395-1219) or Jreidt5sf@gmail.com

  1. 6)I’m ready to sign up, how do I get a copy of the client agreement?


Download it HERE, fill it out and return it.